Sigourney United Methodist Church
Saturday, August 08, 2020
Sigourney UMC Sunday School
for All Ages
Nursery - Kindergarten
Teacher:  Jeff Hinnah.  Attendant:  Brooke Donald
Helper:  Hope deRegnier
Location:  Church Nursery in Ed. Addition
This group does a lot of "hands on" activities as the children have been learning about
Noah, David and Goliath, Jonah, and other people from the Old Testament.
 First - Third Grade
Location:  Classrooms in Ed. Addition
These children have been busy studying the creation story this fall along with doing a few seasonal activities.
Fourth - Sixth Grade
These tweens have been reading "Live Original" by Sadie Robertson and learning about the values
 instilled in Sadie by her family and how to use them in their day-to-day walk.
7th & 8th Grades
9th thru 12th Grades
Teacher:  Kathy Glandon 
Location:  North Sunday School Room at back of Sanctuary
 Women's Bible Study
Coordinator:  Sue Mohr & Linda Lane
Location:  Church Library
Discipleship Group for Men & Women
Teachers:  Hazel Wheeldon
 Location:  East Dining Room
 Men's Study Group
Location:  South Sunday School Room at back of Sanctuary
Young Adult Women
Teacher:  Debbie Hinnnah & Crystal Glandon 
Location:  Southwest room in Education Addition
A great place to meet with other moms to study and discuss how to apply the Bible to everyday life.